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About Progressive Builders

Progressive Builders is a Kimberley Company, a family of companies including Kimberley Development Corporation which has been crafting dream homes for over four decades. Throughout the years our innovative designs and comfortable, spacious layouts have been seen and experienced across central Iowa. We enjoy providing a service that allows us to develop relationships with so many outstanding individuals in the community. As our company has grown and matured – so have our customers’ needs and desires. Progressive Builders has been created to help us meet those needs.

We Build High Quality Yet Affordable Homes

At Progressive Builders, our homes are built with affordability and quality in mind. Each of our homes is built to our high standard of quality craftsmanship and comes with features such as open living space, durable flooring, modern kitchen layouts, energy efficient appliances, and spacious layouts.

Home Blueprint

Make life for happy living


    Progressive Builders is a Kimberley brand. Kimberley Development has delivered the highest quality homes in the Des Moines Metro area for more than four decades.


    Progressive homes are built with quality material and highest level of craftmanship that will provide decades of proud ownership, comfort, and enjoyment.


    We strive to create a quality, affordable, and innovative space that your family can call home and delivering the best value for your money.

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